directed by: Ehab Tarabieh

director: Ehab Tarabieh
producer: Jonathan Doweck & Sol Goodman
cinematographer: Yaniv Linton
screenwriter: Ehab Tatabieh & Sol Goodman
cast: Makram Khouri, Tareq Kopti, Suheil Haddad, Ruba Bilal
runtime: 80min
language: Arabic, Hebrew
Year of Production: 2022
Countries of Production: Israel, Germany
International Sales Agent: The Match Factory Productions

 Sheikh Kamel's life changes entirely when a faint knock on his door one night makes him face his past

Kamel has spent his entire life in a small village in the Golan Heights, not far from the Syrian border. He becomes a respected religious leader. The troubles of his early life seem long gone, despite the war tearing the country apart. One night, a light knock on the door changes everything. Kamel's younger brother, Mustafa, shows up wounded 50 years after disappearing across the border.

The taste of Apples is red