directed by: Ehab Tarabieh
Toronto Film Festival - Discovery

director: Ehab Tarabieh
producer: Jonathan Doweck & Sol Goodman
cinematographer: Yaniv Linton
screenwriter: Ehab Tatabieh & Sol Goodman
cast: Makram Khouri, Tareq Kopti, Suheil Haddad, Ruba Bilal
runtime: 80min
language: Arabic, Hebrew
Year of Production: 2022
Countries of Production: Israel, Germany
International Sales Agent: The Match Factory Productions
Section: Toronto Film Festival - Discovery

 Sheikh Kamel's life changes entirely when a faint knock on his door one night makes him face his past

Kamel has spent his entire life in a small village in the Golan Heights, not far from the Syrian border. He becomes a respected religious leader. The troubles of his early life seem long gone, despite the war tearing the country apart. One night, a light knock on the door changes everything. Kamel's younger brother, Mustafa, shows up wounded 50 years after disappearing across the border.

The taste of Apples is red


Scotiabank Theatre 14
08/9 / 21:30
Scotiabank Theatre 9
09/9 / 18:45
Scotiabank Theatre 8
14/9 / 12:00
Scotiabank Theatre 11
14/9 / 22:00
Scotiabank Theatre 13
16/9 / 21:00