directed by: Margarita Linton, Yaniv Linton

director: Margarita Linton, Yaniv Linton
producer: 2-Team Productions
cinematographer: Yaniv Linton
screenwriter: Margarita Linton

runtime: 59min
language: Hebrew, Russian
Year of Production: 2022
Countries of Production: Israel

A visit to my father's exhibition of self-portraits renews our relationship. But not the way I expected.

I join a guided tour in an exhibition, dedicated to self-portraits of a famous painter.
The man in the portraits is my father; however, only I and a handful of other people know that. In the exhibitions and catalogs that have been published over the years - I do not exist. My parents never married. I was never born.

I am contacting with my father for the first time in 10 years, and tell him about an idea I have for a film about him, and about our connection that has been re-woven through his works. My father gets excited and sends me to photograph his exhibition.

As I delve deeper into making the film, I discover that the real challenge is actually meeting the man behind the portraits.

Eyeing my father’s face leads me to introspection; and a great sense of void.
How do I film a void?

The Artist's Daughter, Oil on Canvas