directed by: Shiri Nevo Fridental

director: Shiri Nevo Fridental
producer: Marek Rozenbaum, Michael Rozenbaum, Jonathan
cinematographer: Ehoud Eitan
screenwriter: Shiri Nevo Fridental
cast: Ania Bukstein, Sharon Strimban, Moni Moshonov, Magi Azarzar Sabag, Yoav Levi, Liron Levo, Gal Friedman, Roy Assaf, Elena Yaralova, Nadia Tichonova
runtime: 89min
language: Hebrew, Russian
Year of Production: 2022
Countries of Production: Israel

The encounter between Reut, a prosecutor, and Efrat, a sexual assault victim, sets Reut to a soul-searching journey.

Reut Slutzky ,33, is a promising, hardworking prosecutor. she rides her bike from her office to the court and back, Detached from the lively vibrations of Tel Aviv.
In the courtroom she plays the game like a pro, plea bargains and whatever it takes to keep the system going. Reut is living the Israeli dream of power and acceptance. Her weekends, however, are spent in Haifa, with her passive aggressive mom and beloved grandma – they speak to her in Russian - she answers in Hebrew.
One evening, Reut is asked to take over a sex assault case, which is based on the sole testimony of Efrat - a rebellious yet fragile victim, who lives on a boat with her wild female partner. Reut is reluctant, but as the trial progresses, Efrat gets under her skin. Eventually, Reut finds Efrat’s story truthful and her character inspiring.
Nevertheless, the system is stronger than Efrat and Reut an Efrat breaks down during the trial.
For the first time, Reut’s heart is beginning to open up, which summons all kinds of experiences – she falls in love with a vivid colleague and allows herself to rebel against family conventions.
But when the accused himself tells an outrageous story about Efrat’s father, Reut has to take real action: By the end of the trial, she will learn the truth about her family’s past, and the true nature of compassion

All I Can DO