directed by: Avi Nesher

director: Avi Nesher
producer: Metro Communications, Artomas
cinematographer: Ziv Berkovich
screenwriter: Avi Nesher
cast: Adir Miler, Suzanna Papian, Ala Daka
runtime: 128MIN
language: Hebrew , Italian
Year of Production: 2023

International Sales Agent: Fandango

A Palestinian filmmaker is dragged into a tantalizing danse macabre, choreographed by a washed-up Israeli novelist and his duplicitous biographer.

Amir Haddad, a Palestinian documentary filmmaker, stumbles upon a complex scam, concocted by Amitai Kariv – an Israeli left-wing novelist, and Margo Mai – a young woman who is writing Kariv’s biography.
Haddad considers this encounter fodder for a unique docu-thriller, one that features passion, deceit, betrayal, and surprising, twists.
Kariv, takes exception to Haddad’s investigation. Margo Mai seems to be playing both sides. Hostilities ensue.
As this danse macabre heats up, Haddad and his camera crew follow Kariv and Margo to the novelist’s Kibbutz, which was built on Palestinian land. Showdown is inevitable.
When narratives collide, truth is an immediate victim.