directed by: Amit Ulman

director: Amit Ulman
producer: Daroma Productions- Haggai Arad, Aharon Peer, Elad Peleg
cinematographer: Misha Plitinsky
screenwriter: Amit Ulman
cast: Amit Ulman, Omer Havron, Alon Neuman, Omer Mor, Akons Moria, Idan Alterman
runtime: 75min
language: Hebrew
Year of Production: 2023
Countries of Production: Israel

In a fictional film noir world, detective Joe is called upon by Sarah Bennett to investigate the murder of her sister. Soon, the plot thickens and Joe finds himself facing the biggest criminal in this city - Manasseh.

In a world of film noir, in a fictional city and during an unknown time, on a particularly stormy night, Sarah Bennett arrives at the detective Joe's office asking him to find her missing sister. The film is a unique blend of hip-hop musical and film noir genres, with all the music and dialogue delivered in a rhythmic and poetic flow. Joe, a skilled rapper, uses his lyrical abilities to help solve the case, while his partner Jack, who prefers a more traditional approach, is skeptical of Joe's unconventional methods. Despite Sarah's warnings and disappearance, Joe continues to investigate the case, drawing on his connections in the local hip-hop community to gather information. As he delves deeper into the mystery, Joe realizes that the city's biggest criminal, a ruthless hip-hop mogul, is behind Sarah's disappearance. Now, Joe must use his rap skills to outsmart the mogul and bring him to justice, all while keeping the beat going.