directed by: Matan Yair

director: Matan Yair
producer: Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland, Maya Fischer (Green Productions)
cinematographer: shai skiff
screenwriter: Matan Yair
cast: Gilad Lederman, Yarden Bar-Kochba, Dror Keren, Israel Bright, Neta Roth
runtime: 81min
language: Hebrew
Year of Production: 2023
Countries of Production: Israel, Italy
International Sales Agent: Francesca Breccia

Since Uri’s father moved out, Uri (17) and his mother are sharing the same bedroom. However, Uri is seeking his own path and his own room to deal with this world, trying to overcome his difficulty understanding social codes.

17 Year-old Uri is a brilliant boy with an obsession with holocaust research. He aspires to go on a tour with his class to the extermination camps in Poland but needs to overcome his difficulty understanding social codes, which enable him to integrate.
Since his parents divorced, Uri and his mother are sharing a room. Uri would like to have his own room, but he also likes having his mother by his side.  While trying to find his place between fragile relations at school and home, Uri confronts his fear of the near future and life as an adult.