directed by: David Volach

director: David Volach
producer: Eyal shiray
cinematographer: Boaz Yehonatan Yaacov
screenwriter: David Volach
cast: David Volach, Roy Nik, Lihi Kornowski, Gloria Bass
runtime: 105min
language: Hebrew
Year of Production: 2023
Countries of Production: Israel

The hero of David Volach's second film (My Father My Lord, 2007) is David himself - a film director on an endless journey towards the making of the second film of his life; an autobiographical depiction of his hardships as an immigrant from Ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem to secular Tel Aviv.

Twelve years after Daniel Auerbach's successful debut feature, his producers and the investors in his second film are losing their patience, as he is getting more and more lost in a world of obscure ideas which only keeps him from completing the script
What was supposed to be a personal and heart-warming script about his process of leaving religious life behind and immigrating from ultra-orthodox Jerusalem to secular Tel Aviv turns into an obsessive manifesto containing thousands of pages and hundreds of hours of voice recordings dealing with Jewish identity, its problems and possible solutions.
Daniel, a 48-year-old single man, clings to his apartment as if it were a fortress, disengages from the outside world and writes and records himself 24/7at the expense of his personal life; his friends start to express their worries about him, his producer leaves the project, his girlfriend breaks up with him, his landlord is fed up with him – and only when the sword literally hangs over his head does he manage to let go of the obsessive attempt to control his life story.