directed by: Maya Dreifuss 

director: Maya Dreifuss 
producer: 2-Team Productions, TS Productions, United King Films
cinematographer: Amit Yasour
screenwriter: Maya Dreifuss
cast: Tali Sharon, Idan Amedi, Sara Von Schwarze
runtime: 106min
language: Hebrew
Year of Production: 2023
Countries of Production: Israel, France
International Sales Agent: mk2 Films

A gorgeous widow disappears in a godforsaken town. 

Nobody cares except for a female police detective who never lets go.
Synopsis: It’s a scorching hot summer in the small town of Afula. Daphna, 40, an outspoken and pugnacious police officer, has been relocated from Tel Aviv.
The local petty crimes are a far cry from the big city crime she is used to.
When a former beauty queen and army widow disappears, Daphna raises a troubling question – why isn’t anybody looking for her? Fearing the worst, Daphna has to find answers and as she gets further embroiled in the case she makes risky choices and crosses professional boundaries.