directed by: Erez Tadmor

director: Erez Tadmor
producer: Shemi Shoenfeld, Moshe Edery
cinematographer: Amit Yasur
screenwriter: Roy Assaf, Erez Tadmor
cast: Roy Assaf, Tiki Dayan, Yaccov Cohen, Ornella Bess
runtime: 108min
language:  Hebrew
Year of Production: 2021
Countries of Production: Israel

All a child needs is one adult to believe in him. 

(Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach)

The film 'Children of Nobody' tells the story of boys living on the fringes of Israeli society, boys in distress who were ejected, expelled or fled their homes. The house in Neve Tzedek (a Tel Aviv neighborhood) gave them a roof over their heads and hope for a new life.