directed by: Matan Guggenhaim, Assaf Abiri

director: Matan Guggenhaim, Assaf Abiri
producer: Adar Shafran , Roni Abramowsky , Moshe Edery
cinematographer: Shai Peleg
screenwriter: Matan Guggenhaim, Assaf Abiri
cast: Shlomo Baraba, Joy Rieger, Dov Glickman
runtime: 90min
language:  Hebrew
Year of Production: 2021
Countries of Production: Israel

A middle-aged widower is forced to re-examine his past and embrace his future after his teenage daughter attempts suicide.

 Dov (75) a widower, lives in a nursing home, he feels there like he is in jail- his dream is to buy his old house and return to it. but he does not have any money Since he lost his pension and he blame the state for it. When he realizes that everyone in the nursing home consumes medical cannabis that they receive from the state, he finds his refuge. not smoking. But selling Cannabis, which he gets from Tenants who are entitled to it from the state. When love, police and the local mafia gets in the picture, Dov finds himself at a crossroads where he has to decide whether he will be willing to risk everything for what really matters to him.

Greener pastures