directed by: Gidi Dar

director: Gidi Dar
producer: Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait, Gidi Dar
cinematographer: Itay Marom
screenwriter: Gidi Dar, Shuli Rand
cast: Shuli Rand, Zeev Revah , Moni Moshonov, Yael Abekassis, Amos Tamam, Igal Naor
runtime: 93min
language:  Hebrew
Year of Production: 2021
Countries of Production: Israel, Germany
International Sales Agent: MEMENTO INTERNATIONAL

CANNES Film Festival 2020

The combination of religious messianic zeal and the friction between social classes proved disastrous and resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple

The film tells the story of the Jewish revolt against Rome, using a unique technique: more than 1500 still paintings, over which only the camera moves.

The main protagonist is Ben Batiach, a stocky, young, kindhearted yeshiva student, who by the course of events becomes one of the fanatic zealots, leading the violent revolt against the empire. When he understands the horrendous consequences of his actions, it is too late to stop the impending hell.

The film deals with religious zeal and its results, and despite the events taking place 2000 years ago, their relevance resonates in our world.

Legend of destruction