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The Milky Way

 A rebel musician that just gave birth to her baby girl starts working at a dairy farm for mother's milk.


A young girl explores new boundaries in her relationship with her widowed father following the entry of a new woman into his life.

Tel Aviv

 An unexpected crisis shakes the life of Michael and Dana, a married couple that lives in Tel Aviv

Sand Flakes

 A sensitive teenager, who lives with his father and MS sick mother, discovers a writing forum, and publishes stories anonymously.


Logline: (20 words) A life-changing spiritual journey to embrace religion.

The Return from the Other Planet

Ka.Tzetnik, the mysterious holocaust writer who was embraced by millions worldwide, returns from revolutionary LSD treatments with a new message.


Just before 14-year-old Kiki is sent to juvenile prison for violent offenses and drug trafficking, his sister Gal convinces the authorities to give him one last chance: an experimental therapeutic trip in the desert. Together with Gal's friends, they embark on a journey, cut off from the world, for a month. Will Kiki manage to take responsibility for his fate?

All I Can DO

The encounter between Reut, a prosecutor, and Efrat, a sexual assault victim, sets Reut to a soul-searching journey.


A gorgeous widow disappears in a godforsaken town. 


 Is there a way to keep the spark in a long time monogamous relationship?

The Delegation

Three childhood friends are excited to take part in the ultimate coming-of-age experience for the Israeli youth - a high-school trip to the Holocaust sites in Poland.
Between extermination camps and memorial sites, they go through their own personal journey, face their fears, and celebrate their youth.


A world-renowned profiler has a mission to profile a young Palestinian woman who assassinated the Israeli Minister of Space and Tourism.  From their intensive conversations emerge neglected personal wounds.


The hero of David Volach's second film (My Father My Lord, 2007) is David himself - a film director on an endless journey towards the making of the second film of his life; an autobiographical depiction of his hardships as an immigrant from Ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem to secular Tel Aviv.


A cinematic journey throughout and down the biggest Jewish cemetery in Jerusalem, where we'll observe the invisible labourers of death and the constant tensions between tradition and progress, war and peace, hard labour and sacred work.


 1962. Adolf Eichmann is convicted in Jerusalem of crimes against humanity and sentenced to execution by hanging and Cremation of the body.
JUNE 0 explores the days leading up to the execution through three characters intimately involved in this nation-defining event: a precocious thirteen-year-old factory worker; Eichmann’s main prison guard, tasked with protecting the life of this dead man walking; and Chief
Investigator and a holocaust survivor, on his first trip back to Poland since he was in Auschwitz-Berkinau.

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