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 1962. Adolf Eichmann is convicted in Jerusalem of crimes against humanity and sentenced to execution by hanging and Cremation of the body.
JUNE 0 explores the days leading up to the execution through three characters intimately involved in this nation-defining event: a precocious thirteen-year-old factory worker; Eichmann’s main prison guard, tasked with protecting the life of this dead man walking; and Chief
Investigator and a holocaust survivor, on his first trip back to Poland since he was in Auschwitz-Berkinau.


A depressed son and his estranged drunken father find themselves embarking on a slow and unexpected tractor road trip, through Israel's neglected backyard.

The good person

When a feminist producer teams up with an Ultra-Orthodox rabbi to make a film based on a biblical tragedy, artistic differences quickly escalate into hostility.


A story about a couple of Braslav devotees. Husband goes to pray at Uman on Rosh Hashana. And at home, they host a rabbi , who offers help to the infertile woman, but sexually harms her, and puts the couple in a crisis.


"Boy" invents an imaginative friendship to overcome his adolescence fears and traumas.

Ducks, urban Legend

“Ducks, Urban Legend” is a dark comedy set in a neighborhood on the “wrong” side of Tel-Aviv.


The two protagonists of this film grapple with the humanity of Jesus and whether Judas was a traitor at all.


An Original Musical. Israel 1967 - When life becomes a musical, not everyone can keep up with the beat.

My Neighbor Adolf

1960. A Holocaust survivor suspects that his new neighbor is… Hitler. The only way to prove it is befriending him.

Concerned Citizen

 A satirical parable on the insidious ways in which privilege can unleash prejudice within
Ahed's Knee

An Israeli filmmaker throws himself in the midst of two battles doomed to fail: one against the death of freedom, the other against the death of a mother.

A bittersweet comedy about a state of siege, questions of identity and national belonging.

where is Ana Frank

 Kitty, the imaginary girl to whom Anne Frank wrote her famous diary, comes to life in the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

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