directed by: Eliran Peled

director: Eliran Peled
producer: UCM, SE productions
cinematographer: Saar Mizrahi
screenwriter: Eliran Peled, Yonatan Blumenfeld
cast: Yael Stulamzn, Amit Farkas, Daniel Litman, Dor Harari, Yotam Kushnir, Yadin Gellman, Noam Shenav, Orna Katz
runtime: 118min
language: Hebrew
Year of Production: 2022
Countries of Production: Israel\Ukraine
International Sales Agent: Daroma Productions- Liana Mimran Osadon

An Original Musical. Israel 1967 - When life becomes a musical, not everyone can keep up with the beat.

Neta, an actress and a rising star in the days of euphoria after the Six-Day War, finds that the husband she gets back after the war is different than the one she had before. At a time when there was no awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder, Neta fights an invisible enemy that changed her husband's behavior and identity. Neta oscillates between her career, her personal life and her fading husband against a society and family who can’t process his weakness and a country that has become a euphoric musical.