directed by: Michal Vinik

director: Michal Vinik
producer: Ayelet Kait & Amir Harel, Lama Film Co-Production: Vladimir Yatsenko, Limelites
cinematographer: Guy Raz
screenwriter: Michal Vinik
cast: Ya'akov Zada, Lena Freifeld, Avram Shalom, Dariia Mirkina
runtime: 78min
language: Hebrew, Russian, English
Year of Production: 2022
Countries of Production: Israel, Ukraine
International Sales Agent: M–appeal


Valeria, a young Ukrainian, is sitting nervously in her sister’s apartment. Her sister, Christina, is married to an Israeli man, and now Valeria is about to do the same. Valeria is waiting for her future husband, Eitan, to arrive and take her home with him. She is trying to keep a smile on her face but she is clearly nervous, dying to smoke as many cigarettes as she possibly can. Eitan arrives with a surprise in his hand – a mobile phone, a gift for his bride. Valeria tries to look happy but her reaction falls short. At the end of the dinner, as Valeria and Eitan are about to leave, Valeria goes to the bathroom. She locks herself inside and refuses to come out.

Valeria is getting married