directed by: Yona Rozenkier

director: Yona Rozenkier
producer: Kobi Mizrahi (KM Productions), Michel Buhler (Adok Films), Dominique Welinski (DW)
cinematographer: Oded Ashkenazi
screenwriter: Yona Rozenkier
cast: Yoel Rozenkier, Shmuel Viloshni
runtime: 105min
language: Hebrew
Year of Production: 2022
Countries of Production: Israel

A depressed son and his estranged drunken father find themselves embarking on a slow and unexpected tractor road trip, through Israel's neglected backyard.

To save his marriage, Ben, 35, his wife and son, pay a short visit to Ben's parents in his native kibbutz in northern Israel. Ben plans to ask his 75 years-old father Albert, with whom he has a difficult relationship, for a simple signature in order to recover a family apartment in Warsaw that was despoiled during World War II. But Albert has other plans... Completely drunk, he has bet that he could cross the country from north to south on a tractor in less than a week.