directed by: Dani Rosenberg

director: Dani Rosenberg
producer: Chilik Micheali, Avraham Pirchi
cinematographer: David Stragmeister
screenwriter: Dani Rosenberg Amir Klinger
cast: Ido Tako, Mika Reiss, Efrat Ben Tzur
runtime: 101min
language: Hebrew
Year of Production: 2023
Countries of Production: Israel

A young Israeli soldier flees the Gaza battlefield and heads to his girlfriend in Tel Aviv only to discover that the IDF elite is convinced he was kidnapped in the fog of war.

A year from today. Shlomi, an 18-year-old soldier, flees the Gaza battlefield and makes his way back to his girlfriend Shiri. When Shlomi discovers that the military elite is convinced he was kidnapped during the fog of war, he no longer hides from the soldiers he believed were chasing after him, but from his own identity, which has become a trap. In spite of his parents’ pleas that he returns to his unit before it’s too late, Shlomi takes a desperate chance on love, with dramatic consequences. This tragic-comic journey, taking place over a period of 24 hours on the hot and humid streets of Tel Aviv, shifts from terror to hope, from romance to nightmare.