directed by: Lee Gilat

director: Lee Gilat
producer: Aviv Ben Shlush, Roei Zioni, Ori Burg
cinematographer: Amit Yasur
screenwriter: Bat-El Moseri
cast: Hili Yosef Zada, Hadar Dror, Bat-el Moseri, Yaakov Zada daniel, Moran Amsalem, Noor kawasme, Eden Shachar
runtime: 90min
language: Hebrew
Year of Production: 2023
Countries of Production: Israel
International Sales Agent: United king

SHAHAR (17) studies in an alternative educational framework for girls at risk.
Perry (19),a female teacher, arrives on the scene.

SHAHAR (17) lives in a tough neighborhood in Bat-Yam.
Her parents are divorced; her father is hospitalized in a mental institution,
Her mother has both boyfriend issues and drinking problems; Caring for her sister MORAN (12) is the most important thing in Shahar's life.
She wants Moran to have a better childhood than the one she herself had experienced.
Shahar attends "Gila's House", an alternative educational framework for at-risk girls.
PERRY (19), a new teacher-soldier, arrives there as a counselor.
Perry is an unconventional counselor, charismatic and enigmatic,
and a strong attraction-repulsion dynamic is established between Shahar and her.