directed by: Rachel Elitzur

director: Rachel Elitzur
producer: Avigail Sperber

runtime: 5870min
language: Hebrew
Year of Production: 2023
Countries of Production: Israel
International Sales Agent: Go2Films

(rough cut)

A journey into the wedding night, where an ultra-Orthodox Jewish couple gets to know each other for the first time.

The wedding is The Night of Nights in the ultra-Orthodox society. On this night, a man and a woman connect physically for the very first time. They are almost complete strangers; they must turn on a dime. From complete separation towards a union. Rare testimonies combined with visuals from the wedding day, creates an astonishing piece by Ultra-Orthodox director Elitzur.
"Wedding Night" is a documentary that delves into the world of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men and women by exploring the experiences and emotions surrounding their wedding night. The director, herself a part of the community, recorded interviews with men and women who are exposed in front of the camera for the first time, and share their personal stories, a rare and controversial move in the ultra-Orthodox community. The difficulty in visual exposure creates a unique cinematic language that provides a brave, deep look into their conflicting emotions arising on a wedding night, a hidden and silenced issue in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world.
The film's crew is composed entirely of highly skilled women (except for one male actor), occupying all leading and other roles, including the director, producer, editor, and cinematographer. This representation of women in key positions showcases the commitment to promoting gender equality and diversity in the film industry.

Wedding Night